Time is money!  How many times have you heard that in your lifetime?  It is a very true statement.  The less time it takes someone to complete a task, the more they can accomplish.  That is why in order for your business to run as efficiently as possible you need software for your staff and your customers that is easy to use that helps automate your business processes.


You looked and researched and determined that Cargas Energy is the absolute best back-office software for your business because of all the process automation, the ease of use for your staff, and the tremendous features that you will now be able to do.  With Cargas Energy you will now be able to have your drivers and technicians out in the field with their mobile devices working faster and more efficiently.  You will be able to increase cash flow because of the powerful credit and collections system.  Your staff are so happy because they are able to get up and running with Cargas Energy and really understand how to use it because of the great training that is provided by the knowledgeable staff at Cargas.


But what about your customers?  Don’t you want to offer them the very best as well?  Don’t you want to offer them a convenient online customer portal that they can use from any device such as desktops, laptops, and mobile phones?


MyFuelPortal is the real-time Cargas Energy integrated easy-to-use, web-based application that offers your customers all the features they need to have a great online user experience at the convenience that fits their busy schedules.


Looking to make your company as efficient as possible while giving your staff and your customers a software experience that looks great and they can actually use and enjoy?  Cargas Energy and MyFuelPortal are the answer!


Please contact us in whichever way is convenient for you

Cargas Energy:   Phone – 888-611-3138   Email – info@cargas.com

MyFuelPortal:    Phone – 252-689-7500   Email – success@silverlinesolutions.com

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