MyFuelPortal at 2017 Eastern Energy Expo

MyFuelPortal at the 2017 Eastern Energy Expo!

MyFuelPortal at the 2017 Eastern Energy Expo! In a few days, the 2017 Eastern Energy Expo will begin in Hershey, PA. This conference is a platform for those in the petroleum and energy industry to connect with each other. With over … Read More

Does real-time really matter?

Real-time by definition means that something that happens in one system immediately is shown or used in the other system.  Why is that important though?  Let me give you a few examples:   Example 1 – Bye Bye Cash Flow … Read More

Cargas Energy and MyFuelPortal – The One, Two Punch Against Inefficiency!

Time is money!  How many times have you heard that in your lifetime?  It is a very true statement.  The less time it takes someone to complete a task, the more they can accomplish.  That is why in order for … Read More

What can Cargas Energy do for you?

Cargas Energy is a modern, web-based back office application for petroleum distributors.  The software was built to help automate processes so that distributors can focus on growth and increasing revenue.   Here are only a few features that help your … Read More